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Turbo Power Engineering LLC is an independently owned & diversified company.

Maintenance Repair

Marine engine parts need to be checked on regular basis to avoid breakdown or heavy loss caused by ship going off charter.

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Marine engine repair is one of the most important task carried out on sites or vessels which involves repairing and routine overhauling on the marine engine of the ship. Our highly experienced and energetic team of marine engineers are ready to solve it 24 x 7.

On Board And Workshop Inspection / Overhauling

Proper maintenance of turbocharger is essential for its safe operation as it minimizes the possibilities of breakdown. Special attention must be given to overhauling of turbocharger at regular interval of time.

M/E Rotor Dynamic Balancing

Failure to balance the rotor periodically can result in vibrations that cause excessive bearing wear. In turn, the severe bearing wear can cause damage to the entire turbocharger.

A/E Rotor Dynamic Balancing

An imbalance rotor can reduce the performance of a turbocharger which can further cause severe damage to the bearing and results in vibration with high level of noise. This problem can be solved by dynamic balancing where the machinery are rotated quickly using electronic equipment and the imbalance is measured. The imbalance measured can then be corrected by adding or subtracting weight from the rotating machinery until the vibration is reduced.

We can provide balancing services of rotor, impeller or shafts to our clients. Our dynamic balancing machine can handle a load of up to 2000kg, which is the finest grade of balance. After the completion of the jobs, we will deliver the item back to the customer with balancing report.

Our balancing machine are calibrated and certified on a yearly basis by an independent firm ensuring precision according to ISO standard.


Profesional Skills


Profesional Skills


Profesional Skills


Profesional Skills


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